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Blog provides a complete solution for building and maintaining a blog in ProcessWire. A quick install ensures you will be up and running quickly with a ready to use blog within a matter of seconds. Each post is a ProcessWire page so you always have the power of the ProcessWire API at your fingertips. Using a comprehensive set of frontend functions, you choose if, where and how to display your blog posts and whether to allow commenting or not, both site-wide and for individual posts. Blog categories, tags and archives are included out of the box. Whether you are an amateur blogger or consider yourself a pro, Blog has got you covered.


  • Select from 4 blog styles (URL structures)
  • Create, edit, delete and update blog posts, categorie and tags within a unified interface
  • Bulk actions
  • Batch add, remove, delete image, delete page in page fields
  • Optionally auto-publish/unpublish blog posts (requires a free third-party module)
  • Rich commenting system - allow/disallow/auto-close and moderate comments
  • Blog widgets including 'Recent Posts', 'Recent Comments' and 'Post Author'
  • 1-click (de)activation of blog widgets
  • Blog authors' stats
  • Optional demo blog to get you up and running quickly
  • Customise your blog to look and feel just the way you want


  • ProcessWire 2.4 or newer

How to Use

Full documentation on how to use Blog can be found here and the support forum here.

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