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Matrix is a robust solution if you wish to store and display 2-dimensional relational data in your ProcessWire site. The module is made up of a Fieldtype and Inputfield modules. There is no limit to the types of relational data you can represent and their application. These can range from a matrix table of clothes showing their colour, size and price variability to more complex data such as scientific measurements of air quality or transportation systems data; dates, arrivals, departures, etc. The possibilities are endless.


  • Manually enter data or easily import from a text or CSV file or copy and paste
  • Two import modes: overwrite or append to existing data
  • Configurable data columns delimiter and column enclosure
  • Unlimited rows and columns - only constraint being your server environment (within reason, of course)
  • Export saved data (whole or partial) to a CSV file for easier editing in Excel or similar
  • Clear matrix table of values with a simple click
  • Highly configurable setting up of X and Y variables (row and columns) for your matrix table. Use custom PHP code, ProcessWire selectors or page field to specify row and columns
  • API to display, edit and search your matrix field data.
  • Display your matrix data in any way you want - tabular, list, graph, etc.


  • ProcessWire 2.5 or newer

How to Use

Full documentation on how to use Matrix can be found here and the support forum is here.

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