Menu Builder

Menu Builder
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Menu Builder allows you to easily create custom menus/navigation lists in the ProcessWire Admin using drag and drop. If you especially want to create menus that do not mirror your site's page tree and/or like to build menus visually then this module is for you. The module is packed with lots of features to structure and style your menus to suit any project, big or small. In the backend, ProcessMenuBuilder ensures that you have fine-grained control over each and every menu item. Combined with a powerful frontend API (MarkupMenuBuilder), you can take advantage of a number of runtime options to build your navigation lists exactly how you want.


  • Create, edit, delete and update as many menus as you wish
  • Menus can consist of both ProcessWire pages and external links
  • Optionally add named ID and Class(es) attributes for targetting with CSS
  • Limit menu editors to create menus of a fixed nested level
  • Powerful and flexible fronted API
  • Plug in your favourite CSS Framework/Grid
  • Display your menus as either navigation lists of breadcrumbs or both
  • Multilingual menu items supported
  • Display either original titles of pages in menu items or custom menu-specific titles
  • Readily view the structure and settings for each menu item
  • Lock down menus for editing


  • ProcessWire 2.4 or newer

How to Use

Full documentation on how to use Menu Builder can be found here and the support forum here.

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