Runtime Markup

Runtime Markup
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On the surface, Runtime Markup is a simple module. Don't be fooled though; it packs a powerful punch. With this Fieldtype and Inputfield combo-module, you can easily create runtime markup (i.e. not saved in your ProcessWire database) to be displayed in a page edit screen. Use it like any other Fieldtype: Create the field, throw in a bit of custom PHP to output your markup, add the field to your template and watch the magic happen. The field has access to the ProcessWire variables $page and $pages and its values can also be output in the frontend although backend use is the primary intention.

Your output can be as simple or as complex as you like, ranging from data tables, reminders to editors, list of unpublished sibling pages, links to edit related pages in a modal, custom action buttons, list of pages whose certain page field is empty, notes to users with a certain role, superuser comments, and more.


  • Create simple to complex markup for your page editors
  • Easy to setup
  • Use custom PHP to generate markup
  • Markup can be dynamic or static
  • Use wireRenderFile() for even more flexibility


  • ProcessWire 2.4 or newer

How to Use

Full documentation on how to use Runtime Markup can be found here and the support forum is here.

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