Jquery File Upload

Jquery File Upload
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Jquery File Upload for ProcessWire is an implementation of the awesome Blueimp jQuery File Upload plugin. The module is completely customisable and can be used both in the front- and backend (for instance, in third-party modules). Server-side, the module provides a custom uploads handler enabling you to perform file-handling tasks with ease. Depending on your needs, you can specify a temporary uploads directory outside (or within) your webroot. With an impressive list of features and options including drag and drop file uploads, client-side image resizing, audio and video previews and coupled with ProcessWire's in-built access controls, this module makes file uploading easy and secure.


  • Fast Ajax uploads
  • Client and robust server-side validation
  • Client-side image resizing
  • Extensive configurations
  • Beautiful touch-responsive image gallery preview
  • Audio and video previews pre-upload
  • Chunked and resumable file uploads (currently client-side only; server-side handling planned)
  • Drag and drop support
  • Copy and paste support (Google Chrome only)
  • Progress bars
  • Cross-domain uploads
  • Single or multiple uploads
  • Delete uploaded files


  • ProcessWire 3.x

How to Use

Full documentation on how to use Jquery File Upload can be found here and the support forum here.

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