Media Manager

Media Manager
Single Licence£28
  • Unlimited use on a single website (single domain)
  • Lifetime licence
  • 1-year of free upgrades
  • 1-year of VIP support
  • Instant download link after payment
Developer Licence£108
  • Unlimited use on multiple websites (multiple domains)
  • A single developer
  • Lifetime licence
  • 1-year of free upgrades
  • 1-year of VIP support
  • Instant download link after payment
Agency Licence£178
  • Unlimited use on multiple websites (multiple domains)
  • Multiple developers
  • Lifetime licence
  • 1-year of free upgrades
  • 1-year of VIP support
  • Instant download link after payment


Media Manager is a rich and powerful ajax-driven module that enables editors to reuse media across their sites as many times as they wish. Editors can search for media using any of their properties (name, title, image tag, description, etc.), select, add, remove and delete media in an easy to use and friendly interface. It presents an AJAX-driven grid of matched media presented as thumbnails that you can select to add to your page. All media (save for documents) can be previewed. This minimises the chance of uploading or inserting into a page, the 'wrong' media. Media can be added to your Media Library either by scanning previously FTP-uploaded media into your Media Library, or by directly uploading them within your Library. Image media can be manipulated as any other media, i.e. cropping and resizing. Via a (free) third-party module, Media Manager allows for client-size-image resizing; no more unwanted giant-sized images. In addition, Media Manager enables you to quickly and easily see usage statistics of your media across your website pages. Shipping with a number of permissions, fine-grained access-control ensures Media Manager fits into your workflow no matter the size of your web-editing staff.


  • Media Library (ProcessMediaManager)
  • Manage audio, document, image and video media
  • Bulk editing of media
  • Media previews
  • Blazing fast nuanced-search for media in your Media Library (thanks to ProcessWire)
  • Access-controlled media- upload, edit, publish, lock, delete and settings
  • Client-side image resizing
  • Upload media via Ajax or FTP
  • Fine-grained settings to controll media sizes, dimension and types
  • Media usage stats
  • Easily add media to a page via a modal to your Media Library (Fieldtype and InputfieldMediaManager)
  • Optionally add media in a RTE
  • Attractive, easy-to-use interface
  • Simple but robust developer API to output media in the frontend
  • Group media by tags
  • 'Draft-mode': enable upload of media to a temporary folder awaiting approval before adding to Media Library


  • The ProcessWire module JqueryFileUpload (get it here for free)
  • ProcessWire 2.5 or newer

How to Use

Full documentation on how to use Media Manager can be found here.

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Upgrades and Support

Your Media Manager licence entitles you to 1 year of free ugrades and VIP support. You can continue to use the module for as long as you like after that. If you require further support and upgrades beyond the 1-year period you can purchase these for an additional year for a nominal fee. Please use this form to check the prices for your renewable products. You can also contact us for further details.


We offer a 7-day cooling-off period that starts on the day of your purchase. If you are not entirely satisfied with Media Manager within this period contact us and we will refund your money back in full, no questions asked.

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