Premium Modules

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Media Manager

A powerful centralised media management plugin enabling editors to infinitely reuse media - audio, document, image and video - across a site. Leveraging a robust search engine, easily find, edit and use any media in your Media Library. Media Manager boasts a rich, intuitive user-interface with a neat set of features under the hood giving you absolute control on how to deploy your media.


Visual Page Selector

Ajax-driven visual page selector for ProcessWire tailored for power users who manage lots of pages, need to know what those pages contain and those who use a 'one-page-per-image' approach to manage and reuse images across their site. Visual Page Selector enhances that workflow by providing a visual (thumbnails + more info) representation of those pages. Site editors will be able to search for, select and edit these pages using multiple criteria, significantly increasing their productivity.


Dynamic Selects

Ajax-powered dynamic dropdown lists for ProcessWire enabling the creation of cascading/chained selects for display and storage of multiple types of data. Dynamic Selects makes data mapping an easy task with its intuitive, user-friendly and highly flexible approach to setting up, using, editing and saving relationships between multiple data types across your site.



A Fieldtype that allows website editors to easily create variations of anything, most notably products for online shops. By creating attributes and their values, such as, Size - Small, Medium, Large and Colour - Red, Green, Yellow, and combining these, this plugin makes it possible to automatically generate variations of any entity, like different versions of one T-Shirt.