What's this About?

This shop serves two purposes. One, it's an experiment to find out if we (yes, that includes you :-)) can start, grow and maintain a marketplace for all things ProcessWire. Admittedly, such things take time but we have to start somewhere and hope to grow organically. Two, it's a place where I can offer my work, both paid and free under one roof. It is a personal project. There is no official affiliation to the ProcessWire project.

What's up with the name?

I had to call it something :-). This is a shop that deals with ProcessWire products, so, yeah...

Can I advertise or sell my stuff here?

Sure. Send us an email to discuss. Please note that if your products are commercial, these will incur a small levy.

What about quality assurance?

We will not advertise and/or sell any product that we consider to be detrimental if installed as a product and/or used as a guide/instructional material. However, potential buyers should note that product authors/developers ultimately bear responsibility for their products.

You are a bit thin on products

We've just started but hope to increase our offering as this experiment catches on.